10.30.17 Birthdays

Monday’s birthdays include:

Janel Parrish is 29.   Mona on “Pretty Little Liars”.

Ivanka Trump is 36.  The daughter Donald Trump WANTS you to see.

Sarah Carter is 37.  Maggie on “Falling Skies”.

Matthew Morrison is 39.  Will Schuester on “Glee”.

Nia Long is 47.  Assistant Director Shay Mosley on “NCIS: Los Angeles”.  She joined the cast after Miguel Ferrer’s death.  You’d also know her as Will’s girlfriend Lisa on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

Gavin Rossdale is 52.  He had Gwen Stefani . . . and he let her get away!

Kevin Pollak is 60.  One of those truly amazing under-the-radar actors.  “A Few Good Men”, “Grumpy Old Men”, “The Usual Suspects”, “The Whole Nine Yards”, “The Wedding Planner” AND “Juwanna Mann”.

T. Graham Brown is 63.  Country singer.  Biggest hit:  1988’s “Darlene”.

Harry Hamlin is 66“Dancing with the Stars” loser that your parents know best as Michael Kuzak on “L.A. Law”.  Or as the hero who slew Medusa and defeated the Kraken in the original “Clash of the Titans”.

Henry Winkler is 72.  He’ll always be Arthur Fonzarelli on “Happy Days”.  His greatest role since The Fonz?  Family lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn on “Arrested Development”.  Or maybe Coach Klein in “The Waterboy”.  Visualize and ATTACK.

Otis Williams is 76.  Co-founder of the Temptations.

Grace Slick is 78.  Jefferson Airplane . . . and Starship.  She stopped performing years ago because she thinks old people look STUPID when they try to rock.