See what happened…

123 years ago. . . In 1894, THE DEVIL HIMSELF . . . Daniel M. Cooper . . . PATENTED THE TIME CLOCK . . . and ever since then, wage-slaves everywhere have been forced to punch timecards to start their workdays for The Man.

79 years ago. . . In 1938, ORSON WELLES made his infamous “War Of The Worlds” radio broadcast.  Millions of listeners thought New Jersey was actually being invaded by aliens.  One Pittsburgh woman was found with a bottle of poison saying she’d rather die that way. (Orson Welles ended up with $750,000 in lawsuits filed against him.)

72 years ago. . . In 1945, the U.S. government announced the end of SHOE RATIONING(???)

47 years ago. . . In 1970, TITO JACKSON & THE JACKSON 5 had the #1 record on both the Pop AND R&B charts . . . with “I’ll Be There”.

47 years ago. . . In 1970, JIM MORRISON was sentenced to six months of hard labor and fined $500 for INDECENT EXPOSURE and . . . gasp! . . . PROFANITY at a concert in Miami.
(Jim’s lawyers appealed the sentence, and Morrison died from a massive overdose of the black-tar H before his legal problems could get worked out.)

43 years ago. . . In 1974, at the “RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE” in Kinshasa, Zaire, MUHAMMAD ALI unveiled his “ROPE-A-DOPE” strategy:  He let GEORGE FOREMAN abuse his body for 8 rounds before coming back and knocking out the tired chubby to re-gain the Heavyweight Title.

41 years ago. . . In 1976, CHICAGO started their second week atop the singles charts with the amazing monster jam “If You Leave Me Now”.

36 years ago. . . In 1981, “Halloween 2” was released . . . and we learned Michael Myers was stalking JAMIE LEE CURTIS because she was his sister. (Jamie was in a total of FOUR “Halloween” movies . . . but she’s coming back for next year’s “Halloween” sequel that ignores EVERYTHING but the original.)

34 years ago. . . In 1983, the REVEREND JESSE JACKSON announced his plans to become the first black man to mount a full-scale campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

27 years ago. . . In 1990, “Law & Order” debuted on NBC.

24 years ago. . . In 1993, MEAT LOAF’S album “Bat Out Of Hell 2 – Back Into Hell” hit #1 on the charts, thanks to the international smash hit “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”.

20 years ago. . . In 1997, R.E.M. announced that drummer BILL BERRY was leaving the group after 10 albums and 17 years.  He suffered a brain aneurysm in March of 1995 during the band’s “Monster” tour in Switzerland, but his departure reportedly wasn’t due to that condition.

17 years ago. . . In 2000, STEVE ALLEN, the creator and original host of “The Tonight Show”, suffered a coronary after an auto accident and died in Encino, California, at the age of 78.

15 years ago. . . In 2002, COREY FELDMAN married SUSIE SPRAGUE on “The Surreal Life”.  They read their own cheesy vows . . . HUGH HEFNER’S girlfriends cried . . . I pumped my fist at the awesomeness.  (???)  They were divorced in 2009.

Five years ago. . . In 2012, DISNEY purchased GEORGE LUCAS’ production company Lucasfilm, including the rights to STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES.