Prepare Yourself for the Rob Gronkowski Showtime Comedy Special

New England Patriots star ROB GRONKOWSKI has a new sports-centric STAND-UP special premiering on Showtime tomorrow night called “Unsportsmanlike Comedy”.

(Here’s an UNCENSORED preview from last month.  CAREFUL!!!  There’s an F-bomb at the :18 mark.)

He’s the emcee, so he’ll do SOME stand-up.  Whether he can hack it or not, the heavy lifting will be done by actual comedians.  Juston McKinney, Finesse Mitchell, Jay Larson, John Caparulo, and Lenny Clarke will also perform. Gronk got the comedy ball rolling earlier this week on Instagram, where he posted a clip from LIAM NEESON’S new movie “The Commuter”.  He’s superimposed in the shot, so it looks like he’s part of the scene, and he’s trying to give Liam advice.

(You can check it out on his Instagram page.)

Originally posted on January 4th, 2018