Mushrooms, Getting Dumped, Fidget Spinner Porn & Eating in Your Car…

Stats Studies Surveys & Results
with Jace Edwards

According to a new survey, 63% of people say they eat in their car EVERY single day.  The main thing people eat is their breakfast on the way to work.

The hottest trend on Pornhub right now is . . . fidget spinner porn.  There are now 2.5 million searches a DAY for it, which is up 282% in the past two weeks.

Here are the red flags that are most likely to get you DUMPED:  Acting too jealous . . . constantly flaking on plans . . . bringing up your ex . . . and being rude to a server.

According to a new study, the safest drug is MAGIC MUSHROOMS.  Or at least they’re the drug that’s least likely to send you to the E.R.  Only 0.2% of people who do mushrooms end up in the hospital.  Meth was the MOST dangerous drug they looked at.  About 1 in 20 people who do it end up in the E.R.